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Website Administration Services

Hire a Website Administrator / Manager
Emergency or Short term

Is your web master sick, on vacation or AWOL?

Then call us today. We will take care of page edits, domain name renewals, website errors and anything else your company needs done!

Every small business needs a website.

But what happens when the website design is finished and launched?

Who’s responsible for maintenance? How often is your site updated?

A stale out of date website can drop your Google ranking.

Unfortunately, many small business websites sit around collecting dust and fall into disrepair. Worse hackers may exploit an old non-updated website.

Or has your current website administrator / manager is away for a set term due to maternity leave or accident.

We can take over any and all your website administration for short and long term periods.


Emergency Website Support

We offer emergency website support for new clients within reason, we’re happy to help you out of a technical bind. 

We’ve got a few rules though… we’re not going to do it for free and we’re not going to jump on solving your problem when we’re sitting around our holiday dinner.  Some of our best clients have come to us with their website nightmare.

Their web provider was unavailable, unresponsive, or unable or not willing to provide a solution till after the holiday. 

We’re happy to dig in, have a look and get you back online. 

We do offer 24/7 support for existing clients that have requested it in advance,

If you have a mission-critical website and experience on going issues, we’re happy to set you up, discuss access requirements and take you on for 24/7 support. 

Some website nightmares we can help with:
  • Website is suddenly displaying error messages, garbage on screen, or worse a white page
  • Visitors report they can't use some features of your site such as contact forms or payment processing
  • Website is currently off line or often
  • Website password / account recovery


Hacking & Security

Some think or have been told it’s some evil Russian while others say it may be a teenager in their parents’ basement.  There are nefarious characters on the net trying to hack your website. Chances are you’re visiting this page it may have already happened to you. 

Don’t panic, we can help.  Hopefully you have a clean backup, but even if you don’t, there’s many ways we can quickly restore your website and remove the damage and see that Google hacker notice is removed.

We can also help you configure, secure, and maintain your website so it won’t get hacked in the future.

Is your website hacked? Look for the following:
  • Notices from Google or in Google Search results
  • Notifications from your web host that you're using excessive resources
  • Strange text showing up in the header or footer of your website.
  • Your homepage has a big image in the background with a headline that reads "UR website has been PWNED

With over 20 years experience managing websites that were created as far back as 1999 and still in operation today for example the first PHP / database driven search-able business directory for Parry Sound, ON Canada was created by Owner/Operator of The Big Brain while partnered with PSNetworks. PSNetworks later merged with The Big Brain in 2003.

When it comes to your business - your website is everything.  Keep your online presence, strong and running smoothly with help from the experts at The Big Brain.  We offer website administration, domain name renewal, recovery and more. 

Reach out to The Big Brain. We will be able to get your site back up and running, all while keeping you in the loop with what we are doing.

Get your web problems solved today, with the help of The Big Brain. Email, call or use our contact form

For more information and no obligation quote, call us today at 705-746-7374. Your call will he held in confidence and don't worry, we don't use high pressure sales techniques or wont add your name to a future call list. We don't share your private information with anyone.

Check out our Specials!

Domain Names

$35 /yr +HST
Not sure what a Domain Name is? Read our FAQ

Need More Information Contact us
(705) 746- 7374

* For same day website moves, Domain name control and FTP user name and password of your current website is required. Don't worry if you don't have these details on hand, we can still move very quick to remedy your website issues. We will take care of the tech side of things and you can rest easy. Using available public records, we can find who currently hosts your website and domain names and work out the transfer to us with your approvals. Don't hesitate, call us today! We have the "Know-How" to resolve all your website woe's.